Iran called the US election “glorious”, a clear sign of “decline.”

Iran called the US election

Iran Responded to the announcement of JB Biden As expected President-elect With irony, but reports suggest that Iran is finally looking at the president TrumpDamage as positive.

Many world leaders congratulated Biden After media outlets 2020 U.S. Estimated to win it in the presidential electionIs, but Iran was strong in criticizing its nation, with which it has failed relations.

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Iran’s Ayatollah Ali Khamenei used the moment in a statement to make it clear that Khamenei had no love for America the way the result went.

He described the election as a “spectacle” and described the process as “an example of the ugly face of liberal democracy”.

“One thing is clear, regardless of the outcome,” Khamenei wrote. “A definite political, civic and moral collapse of U.S. governance.”

Iran’s Vice President Eshag Jahangiri spoke more diplomatically, According to Reuters.

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State media quoted Jahangir as saying they hoped for a change in “disastrous U.S. policies” following Biden’s expected victory.

“I hope we will see a change in the destructive policies of the United States, a return to the rule of law and respect for international obligations and nations,” the report said.

Other statements by Iranian advisers show that the administration ultimately views Trump’s election defeat as positive.

Presidential Adviser Hasmeddin Ashena tweeted that “Iranians are standing by until the cowards go,” making it clear in a subsequent tweet that “cowards” refer to Trump.

Trump will ‘use every means of law’ to ‘keep fighting’ in the ballot-counting battle

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Ashena described “national efforts and Islamic zeal” in an effort to remain unaffected, and Warned that “If Biden comes, we’ll tell him there’s a mistake in getting tested.”

“Tehran sees Trump’s defeat as support for its resistance policy. Behnam Ben Teleblu, a senior ally of the think-tank FDD in Washington, and Washington in Washington, think that post-Trump diplomacy with Iran will be cheap or easy. Told Reuters.

Biden’s victory And there could be new discussions between Iran, which would bring long-discussed issues back to the table, including Iran’s nuclear program.

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Biden has said that He plans to return to the 2015 deal Barack Obama strikes with Iran, Of which Trump withdrew In 2018.


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