Iranian hackers accused of fake US election news

Iranian hackers accused of fake US election news

Two Iranian hackers are suspected of intimidating voters and spreading fake news around last year’s US presidential election. The US Treasury Department has imposed sanctions on the two suspects, their associates and the company they worked for.

Prosecutors say Iranians sent fake news and threatening emails to both Democratic and Republican voters in the fall of 2020. They also distributed images that allegedly showed electoral fraud. In addition, he attempted to gain access to the editorial system of a major American media company.

stolen credit

The investigation into interference was going on for some time. Ahead of the presidential election in November last year, justice and security forces accused Iran of sending harassing emails to Democratic voters seeking to vote for then-President Trump. Trump campaign officials reportedly received fake emails about Democrats planning election fraud.

Even after the elections, Iranians are said to have tried to question the credibility of the election results with false e-mails and self-produced videos. According to American Justice, the day after the election, he tried to enter the editorial system of an unknown media company with stolen credentials.

still in iran

Suspected Iranians have not been arrested; According to the judiciary, they are still in Iran. US officials hope the indictment and the sanctions imposed will deter hackers from traveling.

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