Is Israel Enemy Enemy Country for Women’s Liberation?

New Delhi: Israeli media reported that Israel gave the Kovid-19 vaccine to its enemy Syria. A secret agreement was reached to release a female prisoner in Damascus. However, instead of supplying the vaccine directly, it was discovered that it was sent to Syria by Russia. Israel paid Russia $ 1.2 million for the vaccine.

According to media reports, Russia has entered into a secret agreement between enemy countries Israel and Syria. Israel has widely criticized the news that vaccine supplies to Syria. It has been alleged that the hostile country is hosting hostile Iranian forces. The West Bank is reminded of Israel’s refusal to provide adequate vaccines to the millions of Palestinians living in the Gaza Strip.

Meanwhile, Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu told the media on Saturday that the deal contained at least one Israeli commentary. He did not elaborate on sending Russian vaccines to Syria. Russia is being held hostage to the deal. The Israeli Prime Minister’s Office did not respond.

According to details released on Friday by Israel, Israel has reached an agreement with a Russian mediator who accidentally fled to Syria. Instead it handed over two shepherds to Syria, who had previously entered Israel. Israeli media reported that Sputnik V vaccine was supplied by Russia to Syria as part of the deal. However, the Syrian state news agency said that there is no such agreement.

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