Israel bombed the Gaza Strip less than a month after signing a ceasefire

 Israel bombed the Gaza Strip less than a month after signing a ceasefire

ArmyIsrael It issued a statement on Wednesday (June 16) that the army attacked several targets in the Gaza Strip last night. It was claimed to have been in retaliation after it was revealed that flaming balloons were released from the area. Israeli media reported that blazing balloons set fire to many parts of the country’s south.

Wafa OfficeNewsThe Palestinian government was also told that there was an airstrike in the city of Kanyun in the Gaza Strip. There was also an attack south of Gaza City, which caused heavy damage. But no one was hurt or killed.

The air strike is the first in Gaza since the two sides signed a ceasefire nearly a month ago.

The helium-filled balloon was connected to the ignition device. and swam in Israel on Wednesday (June 16).

The Israeli military said the balloons were released in protest against Israeli extremism. With a shout out against the Arabs at the anti-Palestinian march in Jerusalem

Many saw the demonstration as the first major test of Israel’s new government.

Hamas spokesman Hasim Qasemi posts on Twitter after Israeli military airstrikes in Gaza The Zionist (Israeli) bombing in Gaza was an attempt to block the unity and resistance of the people in Jerusalem. and to clear up the confusion that arose among the organization of the Zion sect. But these efforts have failed in the establishment of this march.

Although Hamas and other armed groups are yet to be identified, how did Gaza respond to such attacks? But the situation on the Israeli and Gaza border remains tense. And there will be possible retaliation in the future.

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