Israel canceled a military test conducted in Estonia

Israel canceled a military test conducted in Estonia

The Israeli i24news website indicates that “Israel” announced a military test, which it conducted after a media blackout in Estonia last week.

  • Israel canceled a military test conducted in Estonia

quoted Israeli i24news website موقعAnd that “Israel” declassified a military test conducted in Estonia in front of high-ranking representatives of 14 countries, which involved the launch of two “Tamuz” missiles. Here is the full text:

Yesterday, Thursday, “Israel” pulled off a media blackout it blamed on a military experiment conducted last week in Estonia.

And according to what was reported by Channel 13 on Israeli television, yesterday, Thursday, the test was conducted on the island of Sarima in front of high-level representatives of 14 countries, including member states of the North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO). And involved the launch of two “Tamuz” missiles from one vehicle, for the first time, they successfully hit two different naval targets with accuracy.

The experiment was supervised by the Israeli weapons company “Rafael”, which developed the missile, in collaboration with the company “Oshkosh Defense” and the Estonian military. This type of missile can be launched on a variety of platforms and can hit multiple targets.

The Estonian army recently purchased several missiles of this type from “Rafale”, which are used by the Israeli army and about 36 armies around the world.

Rafael’s director of strategic weapons marketing, Roman Bellaria, thanked the Estonians for their cooperation, saying, “Especially in these times, the combination of forces between companies is an expression of excellent cooperation.”


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