“It has now reached a high number of deaths here”, Bolsonaro lamented.

“We are sorry for the deaths. You have now reached a large number of deaths here, have you not?”, In his usual video broadcast on the social network Facebook, asked Jair Bolsonaro, in which he announced “Coronavirus will last forever”, but his government “did not cease trading, nor did it say that everybody had to stay home”.

“We have to live with the virus, because it changes more and more. We hope there is no third wave, we ask God that there is not, but we have to face it. (…) If ‘Lockdown Policy Continues’ [confinamento obrigatório]Equal to, the mayor of Araracara [cidade em São Paulo] (…), it will lead the society to misery “, Bolsonrow added.

On Thursday, after a 14-month epidemic in the country, due to Kovid-19, Brazil crossed the tragic mark of 400 thousand fatalities (401,186), the second country with more deaths in the world.

The South American country suffered 100 thousand deaths in that span of time, it took more than a month (36 days) to go from 300 thousand to 400 thousand dead.

Regarding infections, Brazil represents 14,590,678 positive cases, with Kovid being the third country with over-diagnosis of 19.

Factors that have fueled the sudden increase in deaths and cases in the country are the prevalence of more infectious variants, two of which are of Brazilian origin, known as P.1 and P.2, relaxation of restrictive measures and imprisonment. Exhaustion.

However, the President himself has been the main figure to incite deflation in the country, something that has been happening since the onset of the epidemic.

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Bolsonaro, considered one of the most skeptical state in relation to the severity of the disease, continued to adopt social isolation measures, to classify Kovid-19 as a “Gripzinha”, and criticized several vaccines. Even questioning the effectiveness of the mask.

This approach led to the establishment of a Parliamentary Commission (CPI) in the Senate, which would investigate alleged lapses by your government in combating the epidemic.

In his Facebook broadcast on Thursday, Bolsonaro denied being concerned about these investigations.

The head of state said, “We are fully functioning. We are not concerned with this CPI.”

The broadcast was also marked by Bolensaro for the exploitation of indigenous lands and the construction of a hydroelectric plant at an indigenous reserve in Rorima, visits by gold miners, and criticism from the press and non-governmental organizations.

According to a report made by the French agency AFP, the Kovid-19 epidemic caused at least 3,152,646 deaths worldwide, causing more than 149.5 million cases of infection.

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