“It was amazing.” Trump supporters remember storming the Capitol

3 Supporters of former US President Donald Trump recall the events of the day that shocked the world, when thousands took to the streets of Washington on January 6, 2021 to protest the results of the presidential election, which they called “rigged”. was believed.,

There was an unprecedented attack on the Capitol at the time, as 40-year-old Samson Raciop, a prominent member of the Republican Party who hired several buses to transport people from his hometown in Massachusetts to Washington, said, “January 6 was amazing.”,

Earlier that day, outgoing Republican US President Trump raised “Trump 2020” flags near the White House to a crowd of supporters, reiterating without evidence that he had “instead of President”. Won the election” of Democrat Joe Biden. ,,

Sixty-year-old Jim Wood, who moved from New Hampshire to Washington, remembers “the real feeling of excitement that day after seeing all these people.”,

“Before Trump’s speech ended, I went to the Capitol, where Congress was meeting to testify Biden’s victory.,

“All of a sudden, you started hearing ‘come, let’s go, come’ calls,” says Glenn Montfalcone, who also moved from Massachusetts to Washington, “and then a kind of chaos started to happen.”,

He continued, “People were pushing and pushing and pushing. They went, they went on, they went on and so we all started moving forward and entering the area, and then we went up the stairs. went above.,

The three men claim that they did not enter the Capitol, knowing that they could enter the prison if they confessed to doing so.,

Over the next few months, two conflicting accounts emerged: “Trump supporters said it was a peaceful protest against a stolen election,” while police confronted rioters, Democratic lawmakers and some Republicans deemed it “terrorism.”,

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Authorities launch nationwide search for those involved in Capitol attack,

A House committee in Washington is investigating what was described as a “rebellion or attempted coup”, but those involved in the incidents still deny the attribute.,

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