Ivanka Trump responds to her father’s candidacy for the 2024 election

Ivanka Trump responds to her father's candidacy for the 2024 election

Most polls still give the former president very comfortable with the crowd, winning a Republican primary and continuing the tide of red hats at his meetings.

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POr the “big announcement” of his new presidential candidacy, Donald Trump had taken care of the decorations: a row of giant American flags, a huge hall with columns, white-warmed workers on gold chairs. However, it is something different that has been noticed: the absentee.

No Republican Party executives, influential elected officials or senators … After the billionaire candidates fared poorly in the midterm elections, almost nobody from the American right wing made the trip to Mar-a-Lago’s swanky club Tuesday night. ,

“Trump cost them three elections (in 2018, 2020 and 2022) and they won’t let him ruin a fourth election in 2024,” said Larry Sabato, political science professor at the University of Virginia.

Minutes after the formalization of her father’s candidacy, Ivanka Trump also issued a press release. She said, “I love my father very much.” “But this time (…) I do not plan to engage in politics. ยป

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