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The Tokyo High Court won, awarding over 13 million judgments, “it’s vicious”
Nakane’s mother, a Korean resident in Japan, “I can’t forgive discrimination”

Neo Nakane, who has sued for damages against the charges, is having a press conference after winning the court on the 12th. Capture Japanese private broadcaster TBS.

A middle school student with a mother of Koreans in Japan won the first and second cases in a lawsuit for damages filed for forgery. ‘The second trial court also increased the compensation amount, saying that the indecent language was “bad”. The Tokyo High Court in Japan stated on the 12th, “The content of this article corresponds to the racial discrimination against Koreans and Koreans in Japan.” On the 13th it was reported that a Japanese man in the 60s wrote, “It is extremely vicious, such as damaging personal dignity and character,” to compensate for 1.3 million yen (13,42 million won). It was decided. This is an increase of 390,000 yen from the first trial (91,000 yen) in May of last year. The judge stressed that “in the sensitive period of junior high school, mental pain was great, which may adversely affect development.” “I can’t forgive you for discriminating against those hiding behind oblivion,” Neo Nakane, who became a university student this year, said at a press conference after winning. The incident took place in January 2018. Nakken, who was a third-grader in middle school at the time, attended an event to appeal for peace and related articles were published in the media. A Japanese man in his 60s living in the city of Oita, Japan, anonymously quoted the article online and made derogatory comments such as “ zanichi, a malicious alien parasitic species, ” and “ ugly appearances with Korean Shared. With the help of a lawyer, Nakane filed a lawsuit against the man who wrote in July of that year for the insult, but in a criminal trial, a summary order of 9,000 yen (about 93,000 won) was issued. He did not give up and filed suit in March 2019 and demanded a maintenance allowance of 3 million yen against the person, alleging violation of personal rights through defamation, libel and discrimination. The offender did not accept discrimination, and an apology was also sent through an agent by fax. The process of grievance and litigation was not an easy task. He came to the High Court in February and sighed, expressing his opinion. “I am not a deadly alien parasitic species, nor a Korean with an ugly inside. I am a man who lives with the love of his family. (Hate) I was denied reading the text and thrown into hell Gave. “Nakane also said,” I cried because I was so distressed “when he made a statement at the police station. He said, “My mother said, ‘I am sorry that I am a Korean people.” “He appealed, saying,” It seems that this will be a deep wound that cannot be erased for the rest of my life. “At a press conference, Nakane insisted,” It seems too difficult for a victim who is discriminated against to appeal in a lawsuit, “and stressed that” a system that protects victims without trial Can. “By Kim So-yeon, Staff Reporter

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