Javier Dupont de Ligonnes spotted in Thailand? A surfer’s testimony sows confusion: “I fell on the c**, it was him”

 Javier Dupont de Ligonnes spotted in Thailand?  A surfer's testimony sows confusion:

Javier Dupont de Ligonnes is one of the most wanted men in the world. The man is suspected of killing his wife, their four children as well as their two dogs before disappearing into the forest in April 2011. If some believe the fugitive is dead, others think he is still soliciting. In fact, it happens regularly that Internet users claim to see French in different places each time. Thus, the magazine Police Justice has brought to the fore the story that a woman shared on a forum in 2018. The latter claims that she saw XDDL in Thailand when she was on vacation.

She revealed that he must have boarded a black Honda Move type scooter to settle in the same restaurant where she was eating out. “Who wears a helmet if in Thailand to avoid an unexpected police investigation. I then say to myself: ‘This looks like that bastard from XDDL’. I was like a scene flash, because I turned on TV again had seen his case before to walk by”. She then decides to go to a cyber cafe to do some research and take a closer look at the fugitive’s pictures. “There, I fell on the ass, it was him, the hair a little longer, mid-length, more muscular because I think he does bodybuilding, because there are sports clubs in all the neighborhoods and residences in Thailand,” she continued .

The presence of XDDL in Thailand is not impossible, as long as it is certainly still alive. Indeed, as Bruno de Staubenrath reveals in his book dedicated to his childhood friend, this country has many benefits for the wanted. “Any fugitive who respects himself applies the principle of three borders. I can see Javier in Thailand: in one night, he can go to Burma, Laos or Cambodia – and from there to Vietnam”, she wrote. So it is very likely that if he was indeed the famous fugitive, he has since left the scene.

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