Joe Biden distracted after a speech: A scene that calls into question the state of his health (VIDEO)

Joe Biden distracted after a speech: A scene that calls into question the state of his health (VIDEO)

Outgoing President Donald Trump is no exception and even gave him the nickname “Sleepy Joe”. And a recent video risks giving critics of the 46th president of the United States food for thought.

The scene takes place this Wednesday in New York during the budget meeting of the Global Fund, a fund that fights AIDS, tuberculosis and malaria in the world. As he walks off the stage after his speech, Joe Biden suddenly stops and stares in confusion around the room, appearing lost and disoriented. It looks like he’s asking people in the audience what he should do before a man on the microphone thanks to his commitment to the cause. Out of his agony, Joe Biden then moved to the edge of the stage for the rest of the convention.

After going viral on the social network, many internet users have commented on this video. Republicans also jumped at the chance to address the man whose sanctity they question.

Republican Sen. Ted Cruz tweeted, “This is scary. This is our Commander-in-Chief.”

And yet, other than a minor heart rhythm disorder, seasonal allergies or even acid reflux, there’s nothing alarming in the president’s health report published by the White House for his 79th birthday. His doctor also emphasized that he was in “good health”, “vigorous” and “fit” to carry out his task.

Throughout his life, Joe Biden suffered more or less serious health concerns. At the age of 45, he suffered a double ruptured aneurysm, which cost him seven months of recovery. In 2021, he had to temporarily hand over the reins of power to his vice president, Kamala Harris, due to a Colonoscopy under general anesthesia, And this summer it’s been tested positive for covid-19 But showed only minor symptoms.

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