Joe Biden to restore US entry restrictions | world

  Joe Biden to restore US entry restrictions |  world

Joe Biden will extend this restriction to travelers traveling to South Africa recently, which the report noted is that new, more communicable versions of coronovirus are emerging in the United States.

The Democratic President’s decision is part of the new administration’s plan to fight the Kovid-19 epidemic, the most affected country in the world, in terms of both infections (25.1 million) and deaths (over 4,000,000). He estimated on Friday that the number of people who died of the disease in the United States “should reach more than 600,000”.

In the first days after taking office on Wednesday, Joe Biden toughened the rules of wearing masks and ordered the quarantine of people going to the United States by plane. During his last days in office, Donald Trump announced that a ban on entry into the United States would be lifted for many travelers from Europe and Brazil, but the Biden administration announced that it would immediately rescind the order. Which was due to go into effect on 26 January.

On January 31, 2020, Donald Trump announced a preliminary ban on non-US travelers entering from China to stop the spread of coronavirus. The ban was extended to European countries on 14 March.

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