Joe Biden’s granddaughter Naomi is getting married at the White House

Naomi, petite-fille de Joe Biden, va se marier à la Maison Blanche

“Peter and I are so grateful to my ‘Nana’ and my ‘Pop’ for being able to celebrate our wedding at the White House,” she wrote on Twitter, using affectionate nicknames for the US President. United and his wife Jill Biden.

The White House has specified that the wedding reception will take place on November 19, 2022, at 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue, the most famous address in the United States.

Naomi Biden, 28, is the eldest daughter of the Democratic president’s youngest son, Hunter Biden.

She announced her engagement to 24-year-old Peter Neill last September on her Instagram account with a photo, Ring In Proof, which alternates vacation shots in Italy, family photos of the Biden clan, and social snapshots.

He asked for her hand in Jackson Hole, an upscale American ski resort where he is from.

Naomi Biden, a lawyer, graduated in law from Columbia University while her fiancée is currently completing her studies in the same field at the University of Pennsylvania.

Services of First Lady Jill Biden said the two young people met four years ago during a meeting organized by mutual friends in New York, and have been a couple ever since.

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