Juan Carlos to be prospered as international commissioner

Juan Carlos to be prospered as international commissioner

The Spanish Ministry of Finance firmly believes that the source of the large fortunes hidden in various bank accounts abroad by Juan Carlos I over the years was increased due to the collection of commissions and other similar payments for his role as an intermediary in international trade. Is. case

Emeritus King may have committed four crimes: money laundering, tax evasion, bribery and influence pedaling. To get more data, the Spanish Supreme Court in February sent a request to the Swiss court for information on all bank accounts in the country on behalf of the Zagatka Foundation, between 2016 and 2019.

The entity, owned by a cousin of Emperor lvaro de Orléans, is being investigated for concealment, exchange and possession of funds, after supporting the personal expenses of Juan Carlos I for many years through open deposits in Swiss banks. Is.

In addition, the tax authorities also requested two reports from the Royal House on payments made to Juan Carlos I, the year the monarch abdicated, in June 2014, until 2018.

The Supreme Court is probing the bank account from which the Emeritus King receives nearly 200,000 euros from state public funds each year.

The issue is whether the payments established by the state budget coincide with transfers made and received by the emperor himself during this period, unless King Felipe decides to roll back the annual allocation in 2020, which That was after the scandal involving the current emperor. His father’s accounts are abroad.

Inspection of the accounts of Juan Carlos I, began after he was exiled to the Persian Gulf for a year in the United Arab Emirates, submitted two voluntary regularizations to the Spanish Treasury. In a first, it paid more than 678,000 euros for cash gifts it received from Mexican businessman Alan Sangins-Crause during the fiscal years between 2016 and 2019. In another, it paid 4.4 million for hundreds of private flights paid for by the Zagatca de lvaro de Foundation. Orleans.

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presumption of innocence

Emeritus King’s lawyer, Javier Sánchez-Junco, condemned on Friday that Juan Carlos I’s presumption of innocence was violated by “serious claims” that the Public Prosecutor’s Office made to Switzerland about the origin of the former’s fortune. in the request for information. – Head of state.

“no justification”

For the emperor’s counsel, communications to the Swiss authorities contained “serious statements and allegations of conduct”, “without support and without justification, being refuted by other facts of which nothing is said”. Is”.


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