July – hottest in recorded history

The average temperature in July was almost above the 20th century average, thus breaking the previous record in July 2016. The previous month was measured as the warmest in Asia and the second warmest in Europe. In the following years the prior average will be 20% higher than the global


Photo: News 12, AP

It not only felt like this: July 2021 was the hottest month ever, US government scientists have confirmed. The global average temperature in July was almost a full degree above the 20th century average. This is another consequence of the climate crisis that is sweeping the world and affecting many walks of life.

The global average temperature in July was 16.7 degrees, well above the previous century’s average of 15.8 degrees, and this is the highest number measured since measurements began 142 years ago. The previous record was also set in July 2016. The previous month was the warmest measured in Asia and the second warmest in Europe. On Wednesday, Sicily recorded the highest temperature ever recorded on European soil at 48.8 degrees Celsius.

July is the hottest month of the year globally, and it is only getting warmer. The average temperature in the last seven months of July from 2015 to 2021 is the highest in recorded history. This year was exceptional in terms of degrees of heat after June and July, with 2021 being the sixth warmest year since measurements began, and after starting with below-normal temperatures.

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climate crisis
Climate crisis: the damage could be irreversible

published about a week ago united nations climate reportIn which hundreds of scientists from different countries jointly warned of irreparable damage. The climate crisis in the Middle East is expected to become even more acute and dangerous – scientists predict that the rise in temperature in the region will be about 20% higher than the world average in the coming years. The whole world is going through a crisis, and a sequence of climate disasters In recent months he has portrayed the depth of the problem facing humanity.


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