KMCC worker Abdul Hameed Natty dies

KMCC worker Abdul Hameed Natty dies

Dammam: Dhichma, a social worker concerned on leave, passed away. Dammam KMCC Vengara Constituency Working Leader Anchu Kandathil Now. The deceased was identified as 56-year-old Dul Hameed of Bawa Manjari. Kovid has been under treatment ever since he was infected. Vengara Vatsi is a native of Muthoot.

Jolie worked as an expatriate for several years in a company in Dammam, Saudi Arabia. It was coming and going. Go on vacation and get infected by the virus and Manjari Medica. He was dying in college. The appointment of a living father to the Malayalam community in Dammam is reported in Nati and League work and in charity work.

Vengara constituency in Dammam KMCC, Malappuram District KMCC, Ma. The KMCC incident was a live affair throughout the game.

Wife: Saina Ba. Children: Sufikar Ali, Mara Sukh, Jazeera, Safira. Children: Muhsina, Tasani.

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