Know here who is President Emmanuel Macron’s favorite candidate for the post of Prime Minister

Know here who is President Emmanuel Macron's favorite candidate for the post of Prime Minister

France has a new president, in this case Emmanuel Macron, who has been back in the Elysees for five years, but soon will not have a government. The current prime minister, Jean Castex, announced for several weeks that he would resign at the end of the second round of the presidential election.

While awaiting legislative elections, in which the National Assembly’s 577 deputies would be renewed on 12 and 19 June, the president would appoint a new government, which would be specifically responsible for preparing the election … to give the president a parliamentary majority. re-elected for

But who will be the prime minister? Already in 2017 Macron had indicated that he might appoint a woman to the position. And then to the surprise, he had… nominated douard Philippe. This time, it’s again the name of a woman who returns with an obsession from Paris: 61-year-old Elizabeth Bourne.

This is no stranger to the president as he is the current labor minister, who also held the position of transport minister at the start of Emmanuel Macron’s first five-year term. A Macron she is well known as she was Chief of Staff of the Ségolene Royal in the government of President Hollande, when the current President was Minister of Economy under the presidency of François Hollande.

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Other names mentioned here: Elizabeth Bourne could be a major competitor


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