Kovid-19: New restrictions in Beijing

Kovid-19: New restrictions in Beijing

New restrictions were imposed in Beijing on Thursday, following the appearance of some Covid cases.

The city of Beijing has imposed new restrictions after the discovery of a small outbreak of COVID-19 now affecting the heart of the Chinese capital.

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The city of Beijing on Thursday closed a large shopping center and several residential complexes after a few cases of Kovid-19. This resurgence is small compared to the situation in most other countries, when the leadership of the Communist Party held a large meeting in Beijing with hundreds of members.

China largely controlled the epidemic on its soil since the spring of 2020, thanks to mandatory quarantines, strict confinement, isolation of contact cases, rigorous filtering of international arrivals or even tracking of movements. Life in the country is fairly normal. But officials have been on alert since last month, basically, to prevent an outbreak linked to the activities of a group of contaminated tourists and that affects several provinces. The central districts of Chaoyang and Haidian in Beijing reported six new patients on Thursday morning, according to local media.

On the other hand and still in China, the Beijing Marathon, scheduled for October 31, has been postponed to an undetermined date to prevent any risk of transmission of Covid-19, a hundred days before the Olympic Games (JO). Organizer Sunday 24 October.

Beijing will mark Wednesday of the hundred days before the Winter Olympics, starting February 4. Organizers admitted earlier this month that they were “facing a lot of pressure” due to COVID-19.

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Chinese officials are working to contain the contagion by conducting mass tests on residents and targeted closures. Officials on Sunday announced the suspension of tours held between provinces in five regions where cases have been detected, including Beijing. Some cities have also suspended bus and taxi services.


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