*************************** Kunhiraman Panicker | madhyamam

  *************************** Kunhiraman Panicker |  madhyamam

Kunhiraman Panicker Cheruvathur: An early Communist Party worker from Pilikode Kotholi, K.V. Kunhiraman Panikkar (84) passed away. For a long time he worked in the contract labor sector in Goa. KV of Late Kulirungai (Kodachuvetil) Veluthampu. He is also the son of laughter. Siblings: KV Karthiyani, Bhaskaran (Director, Pilikode Agricultural Cooperative Society), Shantha (Kandankali), Late Krishnan. Kunhiraman Panikkar-Balachandran Iravil Islamic scholar Dr. Keelakkara Thayka Shuaib Alam Al Qadiri passed away Kanhangad: Islamic scholar, writer and Sufi scholar Dr. Keelakkara Thayka Shuaib Alam Al Qadiri (90) passed away. He died on Monday at 12.30 pm at his home in Kovalpally. He is the grandson of the scholar Keelakkara Sadaktulla Cahiri. He married the Thidil family in Arangadi, Kanhangad and last lived in Kanhangad Kovalpally. Sheikh Shuaib was born in 1930, the second of three children to Sheikh Ahmed Abdul Qadir and Siti Mariam Ayesha Ummah, better known as Sheikh Nayagam, into a prominent scholarly family in Tamil Nadu. He started his education under his father at Aruzia Madrasa established by his grandfather and later completed his studies in India at Madrasa Bakhiyat Salihat, Jamalia Arabic College, Darul Uloom Deoband and Delhi Jamia Millia Islamia. He went to Al-Azhar and Medina University for higher studies and obtained his master’s degree in Arabic and Persian from Sri Lanka. He earned his doctorate from Columbia University in the United States after extensive research into the Arabic-Tamil script, the Aravi language, which is still used by Muslims in Tamil Nadu and Sri Lanka. During his graduation, he began teaching at Madrasa Aruzia and was able to mold thousands of scholars. In 1994, Sharma was awarded the National Award for Distinguished Arabic Scholar for his services in the field of language research by President Shankar Dayal. Wife: Zainab. Children: Syed Abdul Qadir (Dubai), Saramma, Sadaqat and Suleiman. The body was taken to his native Tamil Nadu. His family members said that his last rites would be performed at Keelakkara. Islamic scholar Dr. Keelakkara Thikka Shuaib Alam Al Qadiri: . Narayanan Acharya (72) passed away. He was an early communist activist and activist in the Carpentry Workers’ Union. Wife: Janaki (including Cheralkode, Kasaragod). Children: Devi Prasad (Gulf), Pramod, Jayaprakash and Prasita (Mundott). Son-in-law: Chandran, Shalini and Asha. Siblings: Kelu, Kunhirman, Janki and Madhavi. Narayanan Acharya (72) KSD Madikkai Yusuf Nayanmarmula: The son of late Solomon and an old fisherman Yusuf (68) has passed away. Wife: Ummali Thayal. Children: Y. Muhammad (former district president of Popular Front), Harris (KGN Smokeless Stove), Abdullah, Suleiman, Fauzia, Fatima, Fazila and the late Abdul Latif. Sons-in-law: Mustafa Eruthumkadavu, Sharafuddin Nayanmarmula, Bashir Kallakatta, Tasrifa Koppa, Misriya Mogral, Ramla Nellikunnu and Nasira Kumble. Nayanmar Mool Yusuf (68) Anant Dharmadam: Near Palayad Ambedkar Colony, P. Anantan (78) passed away. Wife: Ratnakumari. Children: Rasna, Ramana and Ramith. Sons-in-law: Janardhan, Sreejesh and Roshla. The last rites will be performed at Pantkapara Cemetery at 11 am on Wednesday. Dharmadama Ananthan (78) Mathew Kelakam: Mathew (62) died in Kanichar. Wife: LC. Children: Melvin and Elizabeth. Kelkam Kalathil Mathew (62)

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