“Lack of Sleep” Is More Dangerous Than We Think.. This Sign Is While Walking

this is the result Sleep Troubled Little known: drowsiness, yawning, and sometimes Headache AndWorry AndDepression.

A recently published scientific study added something new in the form of hurricanes lack of sleep Your ability to walk, according to CNN.

Hermeno Krebs, a professor of neuroscience at the University of Maryland School of Medicine, said the study results suggest that walking is not an automatic process, but may be influenced by sleep deprivation.

They said that proper sleep There are 8 hours of the night, and if a person is unable to do so, he should make up for those hours as much as possible and regularly.

The prevailing scientific belief prior to this study was that walking is an automatic process, whereby one directs himself in the direction he wants to walk, and the body acts to implement it with limited technical support.

But the new study refuted this belief, as it showed that the brain interacts with visual and auditory cues along the way, and adjusts walking rhythms as needed.

Krebs said that walking has a huge impact on the brain, for example, for the brain to reach its optimum capacity, adults should sleep at least 7 hours, while school children should sleep between 9-12 hours. Diseases and their prevention for the US Centers for Disease Control.

The new study, published in the journal Scientific Reports, focuses on college students who suffer from chronic sleep deprivation. University of Sao Paulo in Brazil.

The students wore a sleep tracker for 14 days, their sleep and wake periods were recorded, and on average the students slept 6 hours a day.

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Then, a group of students were given a treadmill test, in which they were asked to run with varying speeds of the machine.

“We found that people with severe sleep deprivation had more errors,” said Krebs, who could not keep up with the changes.

Another researcher involved in the study said students suffering from sleep deprivation fell out of machine rhythm and performed very poorly.

The study is a strong warning about the need for adequate sleep, especially for those who work in industries where working long or night shifts is common, and where irregular walking can be dangerous.


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