Land border crossings also strengthen measures to prevent the arrival of the Delta variant

Land border crossings also strengthen measures to prevent the arrival of the Delta variant

Health Ministry announced on the last day Strengthening of hygiene monitoring at the country’s borders, which exists as a matter of concern. The final arrival of the aggressive Delta variant in Chile Dell Coronavirus SARS-CoV-2Named for the World Health Organization (WHO) and detected for the first time in India.

This lineage spreads 97% faster than the original virus and has already caused large outbreaks of cases in such countries. United Kingdom and Israel, which had already advanced in opening and easing measures, but quickly retreated.

they already have Cases detected in Peru and ArgentinaTherefore, Chilean authorities are committed to strengthening antigen testing across borders, in addition to genomic sequencing led by the Institute of Public Health, to detect the presence of variations.

“Surveillance has been primarily strengthened at all points of entry, especially Regional entry point with antigen test In terrestrial parts, and through the international airport with PCR. And we are going to strengthen surveillance at ports of entry with antigen test surveillance,” explained the Under Secretary of Public Health from Punta Arenas, Paula Dza.

In this framework, Sergio Salazar, governor of the province of Los Andes, where Los Libertadores Border ComplexHe explained that “there is a need to induct new professional teams to ensure that a permanent process is maintained to demand the presence of a negative PCR during all admission days.”

In addition, “it is Strengthened the application of randomized trials that would reach at least 50% of those admittedApart from the need for PCR,” he said.

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In Kolchen Complex, in the Tarapaca region, advocate for the implementation of testing for everyone entering Chile.

“Currently about 20% of the total income is being taken at random to look for potential positives, and looking at this new version We have arranged to take 100% antigen test Within our borders”, confirmed the governor of Tamarugal province, Natan Olivos.

On the other hand, in La Araucania, the head of head Pino Hachado ComplexGonzalo Gómez explained that “every foreign cargo driver who enters the national territory must negative PCR With up to 72 hours from the start of your journey which is destined for Chile”.

“In this complex Every Chilean or foreign driver entering national territory with full security is subject to this review”, he pointed out.

current limit off

The country’s borders are closed to travelers since March 2020, by means of a decree which is for the time being extended, though with modifications throughout the period, and that for the moment valid till 30 june, the date on which this period of emergency of calamity ends.

At present it establishes “closed for the transit of people of all places capable of the transit of foreigners in the national territory”.

but Allows “exceptionally” the departure of “Chilean citizens and foreigners regularly residing in the national territory” in some cases by “urgent and worthy cause”.

This also Entry restriction does not apply to “Chilean citizens, nor resident foreigners” regularly into the national territory”, who may enter, following all health protocols.

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from the Medical College, its National Secretary Jose Miguel Bernucci He said that “there is only one international airport in our country and the one where Maximum restrictive measures banning non-essential travel“.

“People who have to travel for essential reasons undergo strict follow-up with active search for traits and sequencing in essential health residences, which is still very weak in the search for genetic material of these types and we hope that it can be strengthened”, he supplemented.


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