Last: France has passed a law on compulsory vaccination

Last: France has passed a law on compulsory vaccination

The French will need a health pass if they want to go to restaurants and other public places.

France’s Constitutional Council today approved new legislation to deal with the coronavirus pandemic, with some reservations, Reuters and TASS reported.

The council ruled that the new law, which requires people to visit restaurants, bars and certain other places to present health passes and obliges healthcare workers to be vaccinated against COVID-19, substantially conforms to the constitution.

However, he called the dismissal of workers for refusing vaccination, as well as the need for mandatory quarantine with checks on people who test positive for the virus, as unconstitutional.

“The Council considers that the measures envisaged may restrict individual liberty, but they are justified in the context of the protection of health provided for in the Constitution,” the ruling said.

According to him, “the extension of the health pass is approved, except in situations where it may serve to prevent access to medical care.”

“This document will be effective from Monday in a new form,” the council said. The health pass certifies that the holder has been vaccinated, has contracted the virus or has tested negative.

In July, the law was proposed by the government and passed by parliament. However, some lawmakers called for the Constitutional Council to assess the measures in the context of fundamental rights and freedoms.

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