Last Minute: Massive Military Shipment Expected from USA to Alexandropolis Port!

Last Minute: Massive Military Shipment Expected from USA to Alexandropolis Port!

Huge Shipment Plan from USA to Alexandropoli!

According to the news published in the Greek press, in the coming weeks abd‘NS GreeceIt is planned that a large number of helicopters, UAVs, tanks, artillery and heavy weapons will arrive at Alexandropolis Port in Greece along with massive military shipments of “unprecedented size”.

In the news, which stated that the shipment was aimed at an exercise that begins at Alexandropoli and extends through Romania and Bulgaria to the Balkans and Central Europe, it was reminded that the USNS Yumma-type military warship, which was carrying the shipment. Will, made a shipment to the region for a similar exercise last year.

It was stated that within the scope of the shipment, a number of military vehicles and equipment, including Romeo, Sikorsky, Chinook type helicopters and M1 Abrams type tanks, would be shipped to the region. “In November, more planes and helicopters will arrive in Alexandropoli than we’ve ever brought,” said US ambassador to Athens, Geoffrey Piot. The statement also emphasized the size of the shipment.

The news, which argued that the United States values ​​the Port of Alexandropoli, cited Washington’s desire to increase both NATO and US forces in the Balkans and the Black Sea as the reason.

In the news, it was also remarked that the increasing presence of the United States and NATO in the Balkans and Eastern Europe through the port of Alexandropoli would upset Russia.

Turkey also made a significant contribution to the multinational exercise in May

Turkey also made significant contributions to the NATO “Steadfast Defender 2021” exercise held in May 2021, in which 15 NATO member states participated, and the “Defender Europe 2021” exercise, in which more than 30,000 personnel from 26 affiliated countries participated. .

Together with the exercise, it was intended to demonstrate the ability of the US military to build a large-scale combat force in response to hostile activities taking place in the Black Sea and Balkan region within the framework of common defense understanding. and an attack.

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