Laura Ingram: The Biden administration will create workers, engineers for the middle class to ‘sell great Americans’

Laura Ingram: The Biden administration will create workers, engineers for the middle class to 'sell great Americans'

President-elect JB biden Scranton, Pa. Wraps up his humble upbringing in, but his political platform forms the “sold-out” of America’s working class, Laura Ingraham argued Friday.

“In the long run, covid-interrupted 2020 campaign, Americans heard a lot about this guy, Scranton’s Joe, “said”Ingraham Angle“The host, who played several clips of Biden bragging about his background:

“[Donald Trump] He sees the world from Park Avenue, I see him from Scranton, ”he said in a campaign speech.

“Unfortunately, millions of voters took them at their word,” Ingram said, “because they don’t push all these policies about their nearly five decades which is very pleasing to big business and bipartisan organization figures.

“These are policies that robbed Americans of their wealth and their hard work.”

In contrast, Ingram continued, Biden and his family became rich from the backs of the same American workers who helped due to the apparent lack of scrutiny from the mainstream media.

“The worst thing about all of this is that for his entire career, especially over the past few years, he has participated in big shows, and claims to be a very caring person of the small middle class.”

By contrast, the host’s argument would counter Biden Trump’s “hard-won victory for the working class” – including tighter border security measures, a reduction in refugee and visa quotas, and a tougher stance on China.

“They are going to prevent deportation for 100 days after taking office, and then I have to figure out how to avoid as many illegal departures as possible by narrowing the scope of any enforcement in the future.” “Biden will also put an end to Mexico’s incredibly successful policy [for asylum seekers]. It will also strike agreements with Guatemala, El Salvador and Honduras to take in rejected asylum seekers. “

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Turning to foreign policy, Ingram warned that Biden’s foreign policy would be “just as bad.”

“It has a national security team that is basically not interested in the full ‘national’ part of its duties …” he said. “Basically, they’re going to regain control of our foreign policy. The military will be suspended for another four years until Trump withdraws all of our troops from Afghanistan by the end of the year.”


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