Laurie only goes out shopping for a few hours… When she got home, her roof had disappeared…!

Laurie only goes out shopping for a few hours... When she got home, her roof had disappeared...!

Laurie returned home after a day of shopping and made a surprising discovery. The young woman wrote on Twitter: “It’s embarrassing, but yesterday I had a roof I loved. This morning I went shopping for a few hours, and now it’s… well, um, here we go”.

Then she addresses the municipality, mentioning them: “I know you are busy, but can you tell me who took my roof and maybe why?”.

Laurie later got an explanation. Islington Council told them that their roof had been taken down by workers to repair a serious leak on the property. So the tiles which were on the ground had to be removed. “The resident should have been contacted by the contractor before the commencement of the work, but unfortunately, it did not happen. The council has approached the resident to apologize and assure him that the roof will be completely rebuilt,” the municipality said.

“It’s a hilarious mess, but it ends well. Next week, I should get my new roof,” concluded Laurie.

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