Le Matin – 22nd FIA Congress: Re-elected to Morocco Executive Committee

Le Syndicat marocain des professionnels des arts dramatiques a été représenté à cet événement par son président Messaoud Bouhcine. Ph : DR

The Moroccan Syndicate of Dramatic Arts Professionals was represented at the event. Ph: Dr

Morocco was reelected as a member of the Executive Committee of the International Federation of Actors (FIA) on the edge of 22.I The Congress of this international organization, which was organized by videoconference from 4 to 7 May.

The president of the Syndicate of Dramatic Arts Professionals of Morocco, which was represented at the ceremony, said in a statement that the Congress held Japan, New Zealand, India, Croatia as well as one of the eight members of this body and the post. Re-selected Morocco for. , Denmark, Argentina and Turkey

The federation’s structures were also renovated. Thus, American actress Gabrielle Carteris was chosen as the head of the organization, replacing Canadian actress Fern Downey, underscoring the same source, stating that the incident was attributed to six presidential members from France, Uruguay, Was marked by renovations. United Kingdom, Sweden, Canada and Russia.

During this meeting, delegates examined a number of current issues related to the work of artists during the epidemic and the post-Kovid-19 period.

22ndI The FIA ​​Congress was an opportunity to address other professional issues related to mutual cooperation, international production and co-production, fundamental rights of artists, cultural diversity, intellectual property as well as other important topics that would be the subject of work and advocacy by it . According to the same source, the international body for the next four years.

The Congress approved a set of draft objectives, including a project submitted by the syndicate of theatrical art professional Morocco, with unions from countries such as France, Turkey, Portugal, Spain, Belgium, Ukraine, Ireland, Switzerland and Canada. Diversity, the status of the artist during the period of the Kovid-19 epidemic, especially in the fields of theater, performance arts and cinema, while guaranteeing recommended achievements on the status of the artist (Belgrade 1980) and the Convention preserving the diversity of cultural expressions And the same organization related to promotion (2005), press release.

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The motion was alert to the continued closure of many performing arts institutions, which could move from a simple temporary measure to a permanent reality in many countries around the world, imposing the need to advocate at the national and international levels The show’s institutions continue their work for which they were created, even without an audience in the most extreme cases, to ensure continuity and to return to the unusual without heavy losses for revival and for artistic movement. To prepare for.

Congress also addressed other motions on various topics such as the need to work to integrate the cultural sector with the aim of reviving economic and social life, especially post-coronavirus, and with budgets. The region most affected by the epidemic.


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