Lebanese army demands to clear the streets: we will shoot any armed

الجيش اللبناني يطالب بإخلاء الشوارع: سنطلق النار على أي مسلح

11:50 am

Thursday 14 October 2021

Beirut- (dpa):

The Lebanese military announced on Thursday that its deployed units would shoot at any gunman in the streets and from anywhere.

In a statement via Twitter, the army asked civilians to clear the streets.

The army said that as the protesters were moving towards the Adalia area, they came under fire in the Tayouneh area – Badaro, indicating that the army rushed to encircle the area and spread to its neighborhood and its entrances , and started patrolling operations, as well as looking for shooters to arrest them.

And Lebanese media reported that several people were injured in shootings in Beirut during protests to demand the departure of a judicial investigator in the Beirut port blast, Judge Tariq al-Bitr’s file.

And the Hezbollah-affiliated “Al-Manar” channel reported that several demonstrators who were on their way to the Palace of Justice in Beirut were injured as a result of firing on them at Tayouneh Square.

The official national news agency indicated that an injured man was taken to hospital by the “al-Resla Association for People’s Aid” as a result of the shooting at the direction of protesters in Tayouneh.

The Lebanese army sent massive reinforcements to the Tayouneh area.

And the local “Al-Jadid” channel announced that shooters were distributed on the roofs of several buildings in the Tayouneh roundabout, noting that the “RPGs” had fallen in the Tayouneh area, where shooting is still underway.

The channel said that the shooters have not been identified.

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Several supporters of the “Amal Movement” led by Parliament Speaker Nabih Beri and “Hezbollah” gathered in front of the Palace of Justice today to demand an end to injustice and conscience in the Port Bombing File, and they marched on foot. Museum area in Beirut.


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