Legislation in France: Duel Nopes – Together! For the second round has already started

Législatives en France : le duel Nupes – Ensemble! a déjà commencé en vue du second tour

From 8:00 pm, the representatives of Nupps in front of the outgoing majority according to voting institutions, elbow to elbow, challenged the presumptions providing for majority seats for Emmanuel Macron’s supporters. Second round, Sunday, June 19.

But for Prime Minister Elizabeth Bourne, the President is the coalition.”The only political force capable of securing a majority“In the Assembly. Leading in his constituency of Pas-de-Calais, Marine Le Pen did justice to his part”It is possible to send a very large group“Of the far-flung party at the Palais-Bourbon.

Many politicians also condemned the high rate of dieting, a “Key Facts That Will Question All of Us“According to government spokeswoman Olivia Gregoire.

Prime Minister Elizabeth Bourne began hostilities for the second round, saying Together! was “The only political force capable of securing a majority“For the assembly.”Faced with extremes, we single-handedly pursue a project of coherence, clarity, and responsibility. So I call on all Republican forces to rally around this project and our candidates.“, continued the head of government.

Public Accounts Minister Gabriel Atal also predicted “second round of clarification“Between Macaroni and Knupps.”The reality is there is a project, ours, which is European, and then there is a project, theirs, that moves away from the European Union. One project, ours, which is republican, and one project, theirs, which in many ways moves away from the republic.“, attacked the former government spokesperson.

Government spokeswoman Olivia Gregoire told herself “Glad to see that the majority exists in constituencies with a huge majority,

A presidential party “defeated” according to Melenchono.

,The truth is that the presidential party is beaten and defeated“The leader of the Nupes, reacted to Jean-Luc Mélenchon, for whom his alliance”Will be present in more than 500 constituencies in the second round,

,We failed all predictions and we are ahead in the first round“And next Sunday”win is possibleOutgoing LFI deputy for Seine-Saint-Denis, Clementine Auten, abound.

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on June 19.”It will be Melenchon against Borneo”, summarized another outgoing LFI deputy, Bastien Lachaud.

In a massive lead in his constituency, but being forced into the second round, Marine Le Pen thought it possible to send “a large group“From National Rally (RN) to National Assembly.

In the event of a duel between the presidential majority and the noops, he asked his voters to “Don’t choose between a destructor from above and a destructor from below,France is neither a trading room nor a zado“, launched the far-right leader.

LR president Christian Jacob doesn’t want to give up”No sound for extreme, whether extreme right or extreme left“, he announced Sunday on France 2.

When asked about the voting signals to be given by the LR in this matter, “We will define it tomorrow as we have a strategic council, but there is one line that has always been clear: there is no voice for the extremes, whether it is the extreme right or the extreme left.“, he specified, declaring that the LR would be the representative”creativein opposition


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