Legislative elections 2022: French ministers forced to resign, here are the big losers of the ballot

Legislative elections 2022: French ministers forced to resign, here are the big losers of the ballot

The results of the second round of the French legislative elections are becoming clear. According to projectionsPresident coalition together! Will lead the election with 224 seats. Therefore it loses its absolute majority. will be after Socks (New Popular Ecological and Social Union), which will have a total of 149 seats. In third place, the National Assembly would win 89 seats, a historical numbers For the right wing party.

Few candidates got disappointed in the matter of individual score. Many of them, who thought he would win, finally closed the doors of the National Assembly before him. Some even have to end their ministerial functions. As demanded by Emmanuel Macron, Peeta must leave his ministry.

Richard Ferrand defeated Nupeso

The president of the National Assembly and the heavyweight of the presidential coalition was defeated in the second round of legislative elections this Sunday, June 19. The one who entered the National Assembly as a socialist deputy and who then became a LREM deputy was preceded by Melanie Thomin, the candidate of the NUPS. She would have received 50.6% of the vote, compared to 49.6% for Richard Ferrand. He took note of this defeat and presented “all his congratulations” to his opponent.

After failing to win his duel against Knupes, mélie de Montchalin must leave the government.

The Minister for Ecological Transition and Regional Cohesion was defeated in these legislative elections in the sixth constituency of Essonne. The Nupps candidate declared his victory over the minister of Emmanuel Macron. Amélie de Montchalin would win 47.3% of the total vote, while Jérme Gávez would count 53.7% of the vote. The former rebel deputy of the PS would thus get a post at 50 from 2012 to 2014, while the 37-year-old minister, who was largely left behind in the first round, should leave the government after this defeat. , Emmanuel Macron announced that unsuccessful candidates should resign from their ministerial positions.

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Justin Benin: a failure that prompted him to resign from the government

The disillusionment is great for the Secretary of State in charge of the sea. Justin Benin (LREM) was beaten in Guadeloupe, facing various leftist candidates, Christian Baptiste. Entering the government on 20 May, he would have already left after this result, as in 2017 members of the government would have to resign if the legislative elections failed.

Defeat Christophe Castaner in Alpes-de-Haute-Provence

Christophe Castaner can’t fix his seat in the National Assembly. The president of the LREM group would have actually lost the election in the second constituency of Alpes-de-Haute-Provence. It is Knoops candidate Leo Walter who will rise to the top of the ballot.

Brigitte Bourguignon: The Minister of Health must pass the torch

The Minister of Health, Brigitte Bourguignon, is beaten up according to first estimates and those around her. In fact, the LREM candidate would have been defeated by the national rally, coming first in the sixth constituency of Pas-de-Calais … with 56 votes.

Roxana Maracinenu, former sports minister, molested by maid Rachel Keke (Noops)

Chambermaid and trade unionist Rachel Keke, a figure in the struggle for the Ibis Batignolles strikers, won the second round of the legislative elections on Sunday with 50.3% of the vote against the candidate Ensemble!, former sports minister, Roxana Maracinenu. Invested by Nupes, CGT worker, Rachel Keke, became the first chambermaid to be a deputy in France.

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