“Let him return to Africa”: French National Assembly expels MP RN Gregoire de Fournas for 15 days

“Let him return to Africa”: After a wave of outrage triggered by comments deemed racist by deputy RN Gregoire de Fornas, the National Assembly on Friday voted to oust him for 15 days, the heaviest disciplinary sanction possible.

This “censorship with exclusions”, proposed by the Office of the Legislature, its supreme collegiate body of deputies, validated in the hemicycle. Grégoire de Fournas is banned from appearing at the Palais Bourbon for fifteen days and deprived of half of his parliamentary allowance for two months.

Speaker of the Assembly Yael Braun-Pivet immediately asked the elected RN to leave the grounds of the Palais Bourbon.

Mr. de Fornas on Thursday acknowledged “talks of returning to Africa” ​​during the intervention of elected LFI Carlos Martens Bilongo, who spoke about the “drama of illegal immigration” during the government’s questioning session.

Gironde’s deputy categorically denied any racist character, assuring to speak of Ocean Viking, a humanitarian boat stranded at sea with 234 migrants, not Carlos Martens Bilongo, the chosen black of Val-D’Ois. He denounced the “manipulation of the LFI” for the purpose of making “disgusting remarks”.

“Millions of French People”

The incident triggered a wave of outrage at the highest level of the state. This had prematurely ended the questions session of the government, an extremely rare decision taken by the Speaker of the Assembly.

“Racism, whatever the goal, is a neglect of the Republican values ​​that bring us together in this maze,” the holder of the perch declared Friday after the vote of approval.

Grégoire de Fournas is the second deputy temporarily excluded from the Palais Bourbon since the founding of the Fifth Republic in 1958. The first was Maxim Gremetz, elected in March 2011 belonging to the PCF, because … for a dispute caused by ministerial cars, was badly parked for him.

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Knupps and the presidential camp pleaded for the “heaviest” sanction against the RN deputy. “The question of his resignation arises”, launched Interior Minister Gerald Dormann on Friday on BFMTV and RMC, adding that he would sign a petition from the Renaissance group demanding his departure. The Greens and the elected LFI are also demanding his resignation.

RN representative’s boss Marine Le Pen left the office meeting ahead of the decision. She criticizes a “process where our political opponents are judged” and “lies” by the LFI on the incident.

Without the RN, other elected officials unanimously supported the approval.

At the initiative of the LFI, a rally in support of MP Carlos Martens Bilongo was held near the assembly in the afternoon, bringing together a few hundred people.

“My person was attacked, but also people who looked like me. Millions of French people were attacked yesterday. In 2022, we must not give way to these ideas”, confirmed the deputy of Ile-de-France Key, left surrounded by elected representatives and by Jean-Luc Mélenchon.

“I totally agree”

On BFMTV on Friday, Grégoire de Fornas, who “absolutely considers his remarks on the chaotic migration policy”, denies any resignation and blames Mr Martens Bilongo for “feeling a blow to play in community oppression”. accuse.

Carlos Martens Bilongo criticized him for a “racist phrase” that “never changed” coming from an elected official of a far-right party.

After the sanction, the RN deputy reiterated himself “totally innocent”: “I feel this sanction of incredible harshness with great injustice. But with respect to the institution, I submit it.”

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Winegrower at Medoc, Gregoire de Fornas is the author of a series of tweets trending in the past. “In Africa, they all love France and its perks. We welcome all of Africa?”, he tweeted in 2017; And in January 2022: “In response to the expulsion of our ambassador to Mali, all Malians must be expelled from France!”.

MoDem Erwan Balanant condemned the “horrible” tweets, saw them as “obsessed” by the RN deputy.

Since the unprecedented election of the 89 RN deputy in June, the exit of Gregoire de Fournas in a hemicycle weakened the remarkable strategy claimed by Marine Le Pen’s troops.

“Everyone is united. And everyone tells themselves that it was avoidable because it is always more interesting to have a manufactured intervention” in Hemicycle, confirms AFP deputy RN Pierre Meurin, who accompanied the national rally ” Condemns double standards”.

Party vice-president David Rachline expressed regret at the “lack of humanity” at Mr. de Fournas’ remarks. “We don’t express ourselves this way about humans, especially in assembly,” he told Obes.


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