Libya .. A new judicial decision regarding the candidacy of Gaddafi’s son for the presidential election

Libya .. A new judicial decision regarding the candidacy of Gaddafi's son for the presidential election

As reported by the correspondent of Al Hurra TV, the Tripoli Appeal Court decided to return the presidential candidate and prime minister, Abdel Hamid Dbeba, to the presidential race after dropping the appeals against him.

The Appeals Committee of Tripoli’s First Instance Court on Sunday accepted an appeal against Dbeba’s candidacy and set aside the commission’s decision to accept his candidacy.

Dabiba submitted his candidacy papers for the next presidential elections to be held on 24 December, along with several prominent figures led by the country’s east strong Field Marshal Khalifa Haftar and Speaker of Parliament Akila Saleh. Saif al-Islam Gaddafi, who was excluded from the list of candidates because of his violation of election law, but filed a judicial appeal against the decision to oust him until the ruling was issued within the next two days.

The head of the interim government submitted his candidacy for election, bypassing Article 12 of the Election Law, and political votes rejected his candidacy, noting that he had left the scheduled elections less than a month from now. Didn’t stop working for the first 3 months.

Under Article 12 of the Presidential Election Law, which received widespread objections from several political parties in western Libya, any military or civilian running for president must “serve and perform their duties for three months prior to the date of the election”. is needed. ,

In a related context, the Chairman of the High National Electoral Commission of Libya, Imad al-Sayeh, met Jan Kubis, the Special Envoy of the Secretary-General of the United Nations in Libya.

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The meeting discussed the development of the electoral process and the accelerating pace of the working phases on 24 December, and the interest of the international community in the progress achieved in this regard. Kubis emphasized the renewed support of the international community through the United Nations. The steps taken by the Commission towards the voting phase emphasize the organization’s commitment to stand on the side of Libya to achieve its aspirations towards the desired democratic state.


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