Limit. Uzbekistan bans flights to Minsky

  Limit.  Uzbekistan bans flights to Minsky

,Uzbekistan, as another country, restricts flights to Minsk For citizens of countries of origin of irregular migrants. Good decision of the government in Tashkent. I am glad that the arguments regarding the situation on the Belarusian border have been recognized. Thanks, Amb. Babayev and Amb. Grukowi “- Deputy Minister Przydacz wrote on Twitter on Friday morning.

Uzbekistan is another country that imposes such restrictions. Last week Turkey Issued a ban on the sale of tickets to citizens of Iraq, Syria and Yemen wishing to travel to Belarus with Turkish Airlines. Also Belarusian Airlines Belavia It said citizens of Iraq, Syria and Yemen flying from Turkey would not be accepted on its flights. in aviation authority Lebanon There are restrictions for passengers on the Beirut-Minsk line.

On Thursday, the Prime Minister of Iraq, Mustafa al-Kadhimi, and the regional government Kurdistan Masrour Barzani announced in an interview with Prime Minister Mateusz Moraviecki that he would suspend flights to Belarus. After talks with them, the head of the Polish government announced that the Iraqi prime minister had “promised all assistance and cooperation in bringing his citizens into the country.”

“The withdrawal will also apply to people who were detained in centers for foreigners in Poland after illegally crossing the border,” Moravicki said in a Facebook post. He also announced that there was a direct link from Iraq to Minsk. Flights will still be suspended.”

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There is a crisis at the borders of the European Union and Belarus, when the number of attempts by migrants from the Middle East, Africa and other regions to illegally cross the Belarusian border with Lithuania, Latvia and Poland has risen sharply since the spring. The EU and member states insist that it is the result of the deliberate actions of Alexander Lukashenka’s regime, which uses migrants in response to sanctions. As of 2 December, a state of emergency is in force in the Polish-Belarusian border region.


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