List of most livable cities in the world released. Four Australian cities are in the top ten. Global Liveable Cities | Economist | Australian city

 List of most livable cities in the world released.  Four Australian cities are in the top ten.  Global Liveable Cities |  Economist |  Australian city

[एपोच टाइम्स ९ जून, २०२१](Compiled and reported in Sydney, Australia by Epoch Times reporter Xia Chujun) This is the first time since the outbreakglobal livable cityIn the rankings, Auckland, New Zealand’s largest city, took the top spot and became the most livable city in the world. Australia has four cities in the top ten and dominates the list.

“economist”weekly magazine 2021global livable cityThe rankings show that Adelaide, Perth, Melbourne and Brisbane are in the top ten, but Sydney’s ranking has dropped from third to 11th.

According to the investigation, these cities are “under strict border controls, and residents can lead relatively normal lives.”

Melbourne, previously ranked second, has slipped to ninth place, Perth has moved up to sixth and Brisbane has moved up to tenth.

The New Zealand city of Auckland (Auckland) has been rated as the most livable city due to its ability to quickly control epidemics and lift pandemic containment restrictions compared to most other regions of the world.

The survey said that the global average liveability score declined by 7 points as compared to the pre-pandemic score.

The survey found that the extent of border closures, its ability to deal with health crises and the speed at which vaccination campaigns are launched have led to major changes in city rankings.

“Many European and Canadian cities have restricted cultural and sporting activities, closed schools and restaurants, and dropped their rankings in the second outbreak of the pandemic.”

The Japanese cities of Osaka and Tokyo ranked second and fourth, respectively, due to their consistently high stability.

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The Swiss cities of Zurich and Geneva also remained in the top ten, although there are still some social restrictions.

Austria’s capital Vienna topped the list from 2018 to 2019, but the ranking fell to 12th after the second wave of the pandemic.

Of all 140 cities surveyed, the German cities of Frankfurt, Hamburg and Düsseldorf showed the greatest decline.

According to the survey report, the last few cities are the same as in previous surveys, and the living conditions in Damascus are still the worst. At the bottom are Lagos, Nigeria, Papua New Guinea’s capital Port Moresby and Bangladesh’s capital Dhaka.

The top ten most livable cities in the world are as follows:

1. Auckland

2. Osaka

3. Adelaide

4. Wellington

5. Tokyo

6. Perth

7. Zurich

8. Geneva

9. Melbourne

10. Brisbane

“economist”Since 2004, the Global Liveable Cities Index has been promulgated. The survey of the Liveable Cities Ranking covers 140 cities around the world, and the 5 sectors assessed included culture and environment, education, infrastructure, medical care and sustainability.

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