Lithuanian gangs operated almost throughout Europe – stealing expensive equipment from farmers’ machinery

Lithuanian gangs operated almost throughout Europe - stealing expensive equipment from farmers' machinery

Detective Chris Pigott, investigating the thefts from agricultural vehicles, told the press that German police, with the help of British officials, had infiltrated the gang and seized 80 suspected stolen GPS devices across Europe. Of these, 23 have been identified as stolen in the UK.

Advising on strengthening security in yards, garages and tractors to make it harder for thieves, the detective said, “These criminals are well organized and know what to look for, so it is important for farmers to Keep your GPS devices safe when they’re not in use.” to operate.

Ch. Piggott said this type of piracy has become particularly popular in recent times.

The number of GPS thieves in the country is increasing. More and more people are committing crimes in the hope of easy money.”

Samantha Weeks, a policyholder from the South West of England, said gangs of criminals usually focus on a rural area.

“They quickly work in an area and move to escape the police,” the policyholder said.

He said gangs are stealing GPS equipment, screens and various models of stops.

“The thieves take advantage of the fact that many farmers are now too busy, so they are looking for targets on the farms,” ​​warns Weeks.

advice of officers farmers Activate the PIN security code on your GPS devices. It is recommended to mark older models with special police stickers or write your postcode indelibly. This will make it more difficult to sell the equipment in the event of a theft and will help the police or potential buyers to identify stolen equipment.

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