Losses, rebellions … the Russian army will experience a major setback

Losses, rebellions ... the Russian army will experience a major setback

The Russian military would suffer significant casualties, mostly among its lower- and mid-range officers. The situation with multiple consequences on both logistics and the morale of the troops.

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TookThe Russian military has reportedly suffered significant casualties among its lower- and middle-ranking officers since the start of the conflict. So the UK Ministry of Defense wrote in its daily intelligence update, reported by from morgan, The British intelligence services believed that the loss of this younger generation of officers would negatively affect the modernization of the Russian military. The formation of new combat units should also be interrupted, as this is usually done from units that have previously been withdrawn from Ukraine.

The British also pointed to the fact that the commanders of battalions (300 to 1,000 soldiers) and brigades (6 battalions) led their subordinates from vulnerable positions. In effect, they would assume “a compromising level of responsibility for the performance of their units”. Lower-ranking officers also find themselves leading smaller missions because the Russian military doesn’t have enough trained soldiers to do so.

The British also reported that they had received several credible reports of uprisings among Russian troops in Ukraine. According to the British, the lack of experienced platoon and company commanders would further damage the morale and discipline of the Russian troops.

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