Luc Trullemans Announces Season’s First “Big Breath of Fresh Air”!

Luc Trullemans Announces Season's First

These two centers of action will determine the weather in Europe over the next few days by sending a fairly cold current of polar origin with several developments of showers flowing from the North Sea.

So the weather will be very variable and there will be some clouds and only a few shadows of sun and already, this Friday morning, the rain is rapidly spreading to other areas in the northeastern part of the country.

The northwest wind will become unpleasant, blowing with peaks of 30 to 50 km/h over the interior of the country, but between 50 and 70 km/h near the sea where thunderstorms can occur with rain. It will be very cold for the season with temperatures no longer exceeding 15 or 16º in the plain, Gam and the coast and between 10 and 13º in the Ardennes. Rain showers and occasional hailstorms will continue throughout the night.


Extremely unstable and very cold conditions will continue with regular rainfall, which will however be more discreet or non-existent in the south of Luxembourg Province.

Saturday through Sunday night will be less sunny and very little rain with minimum rainfall that may fall between 2 and 7º over the southern Ardennes relief, between 7 and 10º elsewhere, but the remainder, depending on sea water temperatures. Thanks to, between 10 and 15º in the coastal area.


As the high pressure center over the sea settles over Ireland, the rain trend will temporarily subside and the sky will continue to intensify in the morning, although there will be more and more cloudy afternoons and new rain in the evening from the north.

The day temperature will remain unchanged between 9º and 17º at Haute Fagnes.

Monday and Tuesday

These days will still be very humid and very variable with new showers that should be more frequent in the north and east of the country and maximum temperatures remaining between 11 and 17º.

As the high pressure moves closer to the center and settles over the English Channel, there should be greater clearing during the day on Tuesday.

Development from Wednesday to Friday

Conditions will improve rapidly as high pressure will pass over the Benelux and then over Central Europe.

Nights and mornings will be quiet, but there will often be a lot of mist with fog.

As the sky will also clear, night temperatures will drop to 7 to 12º in the plains and sea, but will drop to between 0 and 7º in the Ardennes with less frost risk in some valleys.

Windy days will be pleasant and sunny, coming more and more from southeast to south, with an increase of 15º and 19º in the Ardennes and 19 to 21º over the plains and coast.

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