Lugansk seeks its annexation with Vladimir Putin, other pro-Russian regions follow suit

Lugansk seeks its annexation with Vladimir Putin, other pro-Russian regions follow suit

The election, a “referendum” widely condemned by its Western supporters including Kyiv and Belgium, took place from Friday to Tuesday last week. The results are not internationally valid.

“The citizens of the Lugansk People’s Republic have chosen a bright and prosperous future”, according to Leonid Paschenik, the pro-Russian leader of the separatist region.

“Dear Vladimir Vladimirovich (…) I ask you to consider the question of Russia joining the People’s Republic of Lugansk as a subject of the Russian Federation,” said Leonid Pasechnik, a pro-Russian separatist leader from Lugansk (East) said in one Text published on Telegram.

“We are aware of Russia’s historical, cultural and spiritual ties with the multinational peoples”, he argued, praising the “dream” of residents of his region, according to his “port of origin”, to join Russia.

Mr Passetnik indicated some time ago that he was going to Moscow, like his counterpart Denis Pushilin in the Donetsk region, to formalize the merger with Russia.

The territory of Zaporizhzhya has also requested President Putin its integration into Russia, assured Vladimir Rogov, an official of the Russian Business Administration. The Occupy Administrations of Donetsk and Kherson (South) also came to the fore after the referendum for the occupation of the Russian neighbor.

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In a letter addressed to the Russian president, Vladimir Saldo, who leads the administration of Kherson’s occupation, defends an electoral process “absolutely legal” in his view and calls for the right of the people to self-determination, which is the basis of the United Nations. contained in the Charter. , facing many condemnations from Kyiv and the international community.

Some time ago, he hinted at asking Vladimir Putin to complete the merger “as soon as possible”.

Observers have recorded on several occasions in recent days that residents of different areas were forced to vote. While the counting of votes has ended, according to the Russian occupier, 98% of voters voted for Lugansk (Western Ukraine), 93% for Zaporizhia and 87% for Kherson. On Tuesday evening, the Donetsk Electoral Commission also reported 99.23% of votes in favor of a merger with Russia.

“The recognition of Russia’s ‘pseudo-referendum’ as ‘normal’, the implementation of the (same) scenario as Crimea and yet another attempt to annex part of Ukrainian territory means that we need to discuss with the current Russian President Ukraine’s President Volodymyr Zelensky said in a video recorded and released during a UN Security Council meeting on Tuesday.


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