Macabre politician Vladimiro Montesinos reappears in Peru

Macabre politician Vladimiro Montesinos reappears in Peru

knitted mesh by fujimorism Peru Came to light again when conspiracy to get dictator’s former adviser out of jail exposed Alberto Fujimori, Vladimir Ilyich Montesino, who worked in the shadows to prevent the presidential-election, Pedro CastilloTake over the government on 28.

Montesino, the head of Fujimori’s National Intelligence Service (SIN), was sentenced to 22 years in prison by a court that held him responsible for the forcible disappearance of three people in 1993, robbery, corruption and other crimes. He was captured in Venezuela, where he fled following the resignation of his boss and his flight to Japan, whose citizenship he holds.

Montesino has been a prisoner since 2001 and now returns to the public domain after discovering several audio conversations from prison, both from a landline phone and three cell phone numbers, displaying his possible connections to the United States Embassy. United (USA) His plan to put the loser Keiko to the presidency, accused of his alleged contacts in Washington and money laundering, and for which prosecutors are requesting a 30-year prison sentence.

The idea of ​​a former adviser, denounced by one of his alleged accomplices in the plan, was to bribe the same number of members of three million dollars. National Election Jury (JNE), for giving alleged evidence of fraud to the American diplomatic legacy.

As a result of the elections, Castillo, the teacher and union leader, won by a margin of 40,000 votes against the daughter of the former president, Montesinos, the architect of the vast network of corruption that was established in the state apparatus during the Fujimori tenure, June 6. Conspired from prison against the outcome of the vote, backing the right-wing, which does not accept its defeat and makes new excuses every day to avoid the perception of its opponent.

Audio and video that demonstrate that the former adviser, imprisoned in a maximum security prison at Callao naval base, was able to advance his plan against Castillo, was presented by former minister and former congressman Fernando Oliveira, Frente de la Esperanza. Party, the major media at a convention silenced the press.

According to the evidence presented, Montesino spoke twice (on 10 and 23 June) to retired army colonel Pedro Rejas Tatajé, a friend of the former dictator, who recorded and distributed the audio to Oliveira.

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However, journalism portal IDL-Reporters Confirmed that there were 17 telephone exchanges between the 2nd and 24th of the previous month. A conversation was also presented between Rejas and Guillermo Sandón, depicted in the recording as the operative of the former advisor, who acknowledged his involvement, but confirmed that “just follow the game.”

Montesino, according to corroborated evidence, put together the plot against Castillo and led Keiko from the first round.

Rejus Tataje spoke to two senior naval officers who realized the danger of one of Peru’s most powerful men interfering in the current political context.

What the imprisoned criminal wanted is for Keiko to be released from prison as president at the Nario Palace, as he had promised to do with his father, if she wins the position.

Two elements alerted the former colonel: certainty, as he had seen him personally, with Kenji Fujimori, brother of Keiko of Montesino, leading him to the second round.

According to his statements, he was able to meet a man controlling a computer center in La Molina, from where millions of messages were broadcast on social networks in favor of the Fujimori campaign, and then contacted his brother-in-law, Fernando Marino. did. Panduro, who gave him a document (sent via Kenji) for the candidate to use in public debates with Castillo.

Although the veterans, consulted by Rejas, decided to make the plot public, they considered it prudent for Oliveira to do so, the Peruvians remembering the first spreading “Vladivideo” that exposed Fujimori’s corruption.

Rejas showed him the cell phone on which he received calls from Montesino. Every day, he said, he became more frequent after the first presidential round and assured that he communicated with three other mobile phones, known as “Victor May”, “V. Monterolla” and “V. May Luis Torres”.

The imprisoned suppressor first communicated in 2012 with a retired official close to Alberto Fujimori, with whom he asked to establish contact, but the former dictator refused. Nevertheless, the relationship between Rejas and Montesino continued.

In March this year, the former SIN chief re-contacted with his friend from one of the three cell phones he was operating. He gave her the exact orders and names and repeated accordingly Recording that “It is necessary for Keiko to go to the second round and target at least 30 or 35 congressmen”.

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During his visit to the center from where a subversive campaign against Castillo was broadcast via social networks, Rejas found that more than 100 people were at work. The manager of the place, named Carlos, explained to him that they put in the equipment and personnel and that he only had to pay the personnel. “He literally told me that the aim was to give the girl a second round spot and they would do the rest,” the ex-serviceman said. Part of the plot considered the leftist position of Castillo and his Peru Libre party.

On April 19, the apparent de facto Fujimori campaign manager ordered Fujimori to distribute food stamps and give money to people during a land invasion at Lomo di Corvina. He said, he has to make the news.

The unfavorable outcome of the vote on the extreme right changed the direction of negotiations between Rejas and Montesino, when the latter requested the payment of bribes to three members of the JNE and the former military man decided to record everything after being convinced. . An adjunct to an illegal conspiracy and prohibited.

In that audio the hit man’s voice is heard saying that it was necessary to “pour gasoline” (money) on the JNE magistrates so that they can accept all proposals to annul the votes submitted by Keiko to delay the announcement of the winner. can do . Five of the JEE, analyzed by the second electoral example, were over 200,000.

Also, according to an analysis of the recording on June 23 at 4:30 p.m. (local time), he should have encouraged a declaration by the US government in an alleged election fraud case, which would be based on evidence. Keiko’s husband, Mark Vito Villanella, is referred to in the audio as “Gringo”.

The complaint against the former head of SIN will not only bring him back before the prosecutor’s office, but will also tarnish the image of the Peruvian Navy, which is allegedly responsible for controlling the super-secure prison in Peru.

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Communications made from there reveal that Montesino has internal companions who allow him to use the cell phone.

Montesino’s figure always flaunts in the internal politics of the Andean country, as in 2016 he also found a mobile phone from which he spoke with Fujimori representatives a few days before the second presidential round between former presidents Pedro Pablo Kuzynski and Keiko , which he lost as President for the second time.
Analysts drew attention to the fact that more than a thousand retired military personnel, especially from the Navy, signed a document addressed to the high command of the armed forces over an alleged election fraud, which was described by various political media as a coup d’état. as described. The future government of Castillo.

Among the signatories are Admiral Jorge Montoya—the future president of the National Congress—and Jose Cuato, elected to the Congress by the ultra-conservative Renovation Popular Party.

Now, while the undeclared president-elect announced that he would unveil his future cabinet next week, the loser Fujimori has requested an international audit of the votes, which clearly did not prosper even among potential allies such as the US government. Will happen. Organization of American States (OAS).

A few days ago, the Joseph Biden regime considered elections transparent and democratic, and the OAS, which had observers in the process, also celebrated transparency. The EU and Canada present at the polls spoke on similar terms.

However, several right-wing politicians traveled to Washington to request appointment to the OAS, among them George Montoya, who submitted a report to that body on alleged illegalities made in ballot papers that he says were not traced by the guests. .

A group of Peruvian citizens living in the United States also contacted the OAS to dismiss the alleged undemocratic action in the ballot.

“As Peruvians living abroad, we request a meeting to express our concern for democracy, now surrounded by spheres of great economic power that seek to reverse the results of presidential elections, They specify.

Things are the same in Peru, as always with Montesino, although there is consensus among different regions that JEN should declare Castillo president this week.


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