Macro in Polynesia was covered with flowers, but not that much. Glow

  Macro in Polynesia was covered with flowers, but not that much.  Glow

A video circulated on social networks on Tuesday showed French President Emmanuel Macron completely covered in a garland of flowers as he arrived in Tahiti, French Polynesia, for a state visit. The video in particular shows an exaggerated amount of flowers with funny effects, but the pictures are not authentic.

The video has been modified from the original, in which it still appeared delivery – as usual – of several flower necklaces as a sign of welcome to Macron, whose visit was long-awaited and last year’s due to the coronavirus pandemic. was postponed. . However, in reality there were many defeats.

French Polynesia is an “overseas collectivity”, a territorial subdivision of France that enjoys broad autonomy and local government with the possibility of having its own president. In the late twentieth century, France conducted about 200 nuclear tests between the Polynesian islands, a widely debated issue that over time led to claims of compensation and greater independence. Various Polynesian organizations have asked Macron to apologize on behalf of France for the nuclear activities carried out in the past decades during his visit.

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