Macron, the only presidential candidate who refused to participate in the “Elysee 2022” event: France 2 miracle, the reaction of the presidential entourage

Macron, seul candidat à la présidentielle ayant refusé de participer à l'émission "Élysée 2022": France 2 s'interroge, l'entourage du président réagit

The last major television program before the first round of the French presidential election, “Elysees 2022”, will receive Valerie Pecrese, Anne Hidalgo, Eric Zemour, Yannick Jadot and Philippe Pouto on Tuesday. After welcoming Marines Le Pen, Nathalie Arthoud, Jean-Luc Mélenchon, Fabian Roussel, Nicolas Dupont-Aignan and Jean LaSalle last week, program presenters Le Salame and Laurent Guimier will all receive their presidential nominations. With one exception: Emmanuel Macron alone will not be on the set of France 2.

The president has in fact declined an invitation to the public channel, Le Parisien reports on Monday. According to Emmanuel Macron’s explanation of the party, “an agenda problem” is the reason for the absence of the La République en Marche candidate. But for France 2, this denial doesn’t really come to pass. The Society of Public Service Journalists (SDJ) does not understand and wonders why, “despite numerous invitations and offers”, Macron did not participate in “any of the channel’s many political meetings”. “We regret it, and so do our audience,” reads an open letter from the SDJ to the French president.

“For months, France 2 has been the only general-interest channel that dedicates so much time to the debate, proposals and analysis of this presidential campaign”, rewrite the journalists, who expressed regret. are that the head of state has on the other hand returned “to his (his) allies from many other private and public branches”. “Why don’t the viewers of France 2 get a chance to hear you on your channel?” Tells SDJ to end.

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To deal with Emmanuel Macron’s absence, teams from “Elysee 2022” will broadcast recordings of a meeting hosted by the president this weekend at the Defense Arena in Nanterre.


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