Maddie McCann case: prime suspect “may have had facial surgery” 4 months after girl’s disappearance

Maddie McCann case: prime suspect

A new television investigation indicates that the prime suspect in the Maddie McCann case may have undergone facial surgery 4 months after the girl went missing. This is information broadcast by British media The Sun.

Little Madeleine McCann, the prime suspect in Christian B’s disappearance, may have undergone a facial change operation four months after her disappearance, according to a televised investigation relayed tea sun, The pedophile’s jaw may have been put back in place and its four “rabbit” teeth straightened during a secret visit to a private dental clinic in Würzburg, Bavaria (Germany).

according to this sun, Christian Brueckner left Portugal, where he lived near the site of Madeleine’s disappearance, in May 2007 to travel to his home country in September, while the search for the three-year-old girl was actively underway. classes. Shortly afterwards, a portrait by an FBI-trained artist depicting a man with bulging teeth was seen walking near McCann’s holiday apartment in Praia da Lu, Portugal. And a young girl victim of a nearby indecent assault – 19 days before Madeleine disappeared – also told police that the perpetrator had “protruding teeth”,

According to sources cited by British media, the suspect renewed his German passport before going back to Portugal after the operation, which was estimated at £7,500 (about 9,000 euros).

Suspect worked at McCann’s hotel

Another important element, a new witness reveals that Christian B knew “on the fingers” After working as a henchman, the hotel complex where McCann lived.

The revelations were made by filmmakers Jutta Rabe and John Clarke. Two directors are at the core of an investigative television documentary on the case. And they now work closely with prosecutors. John Clark once wrote a book called my search for madeleine,

Christiane Brueckner – who is serving a prison sentence for raping a 70-year-old woman in Portugal – has always denied anything to do with Madeleine’s disappearance.

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