Madrid is experiencing the largest amount of snow in 50 years – Photo

Madrid is experiencing the largest amount of snow in 50 years - Photo

In Spain, heavy snowfall continued in many areas on Friday, causing road chaos, particularly in the central part of the country, and the capital Madrid experienced the largest amount of snowfall in 50 years. Due to the extreme weather caused by the Philomena storm, many areas were covered with thick snow. As there was no indication that the snow would stop, Madrid Barrage Airport suspended all inbound and outbound flights until visibility improved. The snow runway at the airport also continues to be cleared to resume operations as soon as possible. The snowstorm affected traffic on about 400 roads, and hundreds of cars were separated from the outside world by snow and ice. Railway company Renfe canceled high-speed trains between Madrid and Valencia. The regions of Castilla-La Mancha, Valencia and Madrid were the hardest hit. The historic city of Toledo sought help from the military to clear snow roads. A similar request was made by the city of Albacete in the southeast of the country. Meteorological agency AEMET described the situation as “special and most historic”. Weather forecasters anticipated that heavy snowfall would continue until Sunday, but then the conflict gradually ceased as Storm Philomena began to move north-east. However, the air temperature will be extremely low. Before the snowfall started on Thursday morning, the air temperature had dropped significantly. At a ski station in Pyrenees, Wednesday morning fell to an unofficial record – minus 34.1 degrees Celsius. Philomena also brought heavy rain and wind to the southern coast of the Canary Islands and the Iberian Peninsula.

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