Malaysia ‘gift’ to fully vaccinated citizens, what is it?

Malaysia 'gift' to fully vaccinated citizens, what is it?

Jakarta, CNBC IndonesiaMalaysia Some states will ease restrictions on fully vaccinated citizens. This was stated by Malaysian Prime Minister Muhyiddi Yassin on Sunday (8/9/2021), as reported by AFP.

The policy, which takes effect on Tuesday, will allow millions of people to cross district borders, engage in individual sports and eat in restaurants in eight states that have seen declining cases and rising vaccination rates.

Malaysia has been under lockdown since last June. Officials ordered the closure of thousands of businesses and restricted travel of most people to other districts. However, the economic zone of the country is allowed to open gradually.

“The more people get vaccines, the less burden there is on the health system,” Muhyiddin said in his speech. “More economic and social sectors can be gradually opened up,” he said.

But restrictions will not be lifted in states like Kuala Lumpur, where it is still recording thousands of new infections every day.

But the government announced an easing of restrictions for residents who were vaccinated at full doses, regardless of which state they came from. Such as quarantine rules for 14 days after returning from another state, and ease of crossing the state border for married couples to meet.

Currently, Malaysia has immunized against COVID-19 at a rate of 400,000 per day. Although a bit late at first, Malaysia is now one of the fastest countries to be vaccinated.

About 8.25 million people, or a quarter of the country’s 33 million population, have already received a double dose.

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The vaccine was accelerated after mutations in the delta variant of the coronavirus entered a new wave, with average daily cases reaching 20,000 infections and hundreds of deaths.

Today 360 people have died in Malaysia. Due to which the total number of deaths reached 10,749 people.

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