Mamta says that injured tigers are more dangerous than dead tigers 1014031 | Sound of tomorrow

নিহত বাঘের থেকে আহত বাঘ বেশি ভয়ংকর, বললেন মমতা

Kolkata witnessed an unprecedented incident on Sunday. Mamta Banerjee led the Nandigram Day procession in a wheelchair. That day, he marched on the highway in a wheelchair with his injured leg and proved that protest, conviction, enthusiasm and another name is Mamta.

From Gandhi’s statue in the ground in Kolkata to Hazra Junction, Mamta crossed the road in a wheelchair for about five kilometers and gave a brief speech and warned the BGP.

“Remember, injured tigers are more terrible than dead tigers,” said Mamta.

He said, “I will play all over Bengal on wheelchairs, with broken legs,”.

Mamta attended her first political program on Sunday after being injured in Nandigram. Tomorrow again there is a ceremony in Purulia. Earlier, Mamata was standing at the corner of Hazra, a short distance from her house, and explained that she would not leave the BJP in the open.

“Many people want to know how your pain is, didi? I say who will stand up for the people of Bengal if I rest? I say my heartache is greater than my physical pain. Keep it ,” They said.

On seeing Mamata on this day, grassroots activists, supporters and leaders should gain their trust. Everyone’s eyes and face were exposed on seeing Mamta. As soon as she got out of the car, Mamta Banerjee sat in a wheelchair and walked towards the stage. As soon as Mamata reached the stage in a wheelchair, Mayo Road was chanting “Bungalow wants her girl”. Trinamool leader Gandhi also garlanded the statue.


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