Man who left his wife for a Ukrainian refugee finds himself without a contract and without money

Man who left his wife for a Ukrainian refugee finds himself without a contract and without money

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History is not foreign to you: it is normal. we told you a few weeks ago Story by Tony, a British man with a big heart who was welcomed into his home, and the mother of his children, young Sofia, a Ukrainian refugee from Lviv. Such a big heart that he completely fell for his guest and left his partner to accompany him.

The story quickly went viral and Tony, who owns his own security company, soon felt the effects of his own discussion. The man explains to the Daily Star that his biggest contract was terminated after his story and because of reporters coming into his life. If he still has some left, he tells that he passed with a salary ofe about £2,000 (2,357 euros) a week for nothing due to the media who question my security guards at their workplace to take out my telephone number”, This situation is in addition to the many hate messages he has received since the media coverage of his story. Barely more than a blow for thirty.

Re-training in music?

Tony takes advantage of his free time to devote himself to one of his passions: music. He also created and released a rap on Youtube in which he takes his story and deals with his ex. In “Ukraine to UK Rain”, We can hear: “I don’t care about reviews and hate messages. I live my life to the fullest, I have no regrets. I’m with a blonde now, but my ex was a brunette. Ex has two faces, she’s single In a way I would describe what he said to the media. Yes? It was all a lie. People message me privately. What do they want to know? Why did I leave my ex and my kids?”

According to the Daily Star, the relationship between the two exes has become quite bad.

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The Anglo-Ukrainian couple is still together.


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