Man who mocked vaccines on social media dies of COVID-19

Man who mocked vaccines on social media dies of COVID-19

went viral for 34 year old Harmon Jokes about his continuing condition and COVID-19 vaccines. After a month fighting the virus, and documenting his battle with photographs of himself, he died as a result of COVID, after being treated for pneumonia, at a hospital outside Los Angeles, California.

“Please, Everybody pray they wanna intubate me And connect me to a fan,” he said in one of his tweets.

man was For the famous Hillsong Church, and his numerous posts in social networks justified him in his belief.

“If you don’t believe God can fix me on your stupid fan, stay out of my ICU room, There is no room for fear or lack of faith here! ”, he stricken before losing his life.

Stephen also wrote weeks ago: “I’ve had 99 problems, But the vaccine is not the same”, At the same time he made fun of those who had been immunized.

In addition, it ensured that I trusted the Bible more than Dr. Anthony Fauci, A specialist in the country.

Hillsong founder Brian Houston, after honoring Harmon on Instagram wrote that the church encourages its members to “follow doctors’ guidelines”.

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