Massive fire in the south of France: 60 bungalows in the guard and 185 hectares went up in smoke (photo)

Massive fire in the south of France: 60 bungalows in the guard and 185 hectares went up in smoke (photo)

Critical resources have been deployed since the beginning of the afternoon by guard firefighters, who had to receive a reinforcement of 240 firefighters from neighboring departments after the start of several wildfires. According to the latest press release of the fire brigade, the fire was brought under control at 8:45 pm, but remained under surveillance during the night.

“Significant work will be done on the sides of the fire to avoid any risk of resumption”, specify firefighters.

In Servers, about twenty kilometers north of Nimes, about 100 hectares of forest burned. The Canadians made several drops during the day to put out the fire.

In Leiden, a town near the famous Pont du Gard, 65 hectares of underground, woods and brush also went up in smoke. About sixty firefighters, including a stud farm with about thirty horses, were assisted by Vaucluse’s colleagues to guard the houses.

Not far from there, in Blauzac, where the Canadians also intervened, an additional 20 hectares burned, according to the same source.

The “multiplicity of departures in a very short time” has made “relief operations difficult”, underlined firefighters, urging the population to “greatest vigil” in this “period of risk”.

It was at Grau-du-Roi, a seaside resort on the Gard coast, that the day’s first fire broke out shortly before 2 p.m., within the Espiguet campsite, which has more than 2,000 pitches spread over 42 hectares in the middle of the ocean. and Camargue.

“60 bungalows located on an island in the campsite have been completely destroyed,” Guard Prefecture said in a press release. In the late afternoon, the fire was “confined to this area”.

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Early in the evening firefighters specified, “Flooding and clean-up operations are on. Some parts of the device will be kept under observation for the night.”

According to the prefecture, none of the 3,000 vacationers registered on Monday in the campsite register were to be injured.

“The holidays have been brought to safety or have left the area on their own towards the city’s convention center and yacht club: no one is in danger at the campsite anymore”, according to the same source, who was not able to immediately. To specify the exact number of withdrawals.

“Other camps located nearby have been asked to accommodate the evacuated holidays this evening. A medico-psychological emergency unit will be set up by the Guard Red Cross”, the prefecture also indicated.


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