Massive fire outside Athens – Current Events

Massive fire outside Athens - Current Events

Greece is facing the biggest heat wave in the past 30 years, with temperatures exceeding 40 degrees Celsius, increasing the risk of fires.

According to reports from international agencies, the flames destroyed several houses and a camp reaching the main square of Verimpompi, one of the northern suburbs of Athens.

Greek media reports that flames are near an airport and a monastery.

“This is a huge fire and a lot of work will be needed to control it,” Athens Metropolitan Governor George Patoulis told state television ERT.

“The vegetation in these areas is very dense and it is very dry due to the heat wave, so the conditions are difficult”, the representative insisted, referring to the fire that is leaving the Greek capital covered with a huge cloud of smoke. Is.

Because of this fire, the Greek authorities decided to cut off a section of the main highway that connects the Greek capital to the north and south of the country, as well as suspending several rail links connecting Athens to the north of the country. .

The Greek electricity distribution company, ADMIE, however, warned about the possibility of power cuts in the area, as some infrastructure was affected by the flames.

The fire broke out late in the morning in the Tatoi area, where the former Greek royal family’s summer residence was.

As the flames reached residential areas, the Greek Civil Protection began sending alerts to the population via mobile phones to leave the area.

About 80 children living in the camp had to be removed from the site.

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Greek Prime Minister Kyriakos Mitsotakis this afternoon visited the fire brigade coordination center to monitor and monitor firefighting operations.

About 350 firefighters are on the ground to fight this fire, supported by 70 vehicles and ten aerial vehicles (five helicopters and five seaplanes) as well as volunteers.

Other fires are affecting other areas of the country, such as Yuboa Island, where two villages and several summer camps have been evacuated, and Kos Island, where the fire threatens the protected natural area and sanctuary of Asklepion. Important archaeological site on the island.

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