Matthew has to pay a 140€ fine to his children’s school because they went on vacation: “That’s ridiculous!”

Matthew has to pay a 140€ fine to his children's school because they went on vacation:

Matthew Beale has been fined £120 (about €140) after his two children went on leave during the school year in Birmingham. The kids, who live with their mom, have actually left for a six-week stay in Australia, but Matthew didn’t know!

, My issue is with the school fined me because my name is on the birth certificate He told Birmingham Live. , I contacted him to explain that I didn’t know, that I didn’t know how to pay and that I didn’t live with the kids. But they told me that it’s my parent’s responsibility ,

no money to pay

With the crisis looming, Matthew is struggling to make ends meet and has to borrow money from his friends to pay the fine: ” This is the only way I can pay this fine. With the cost of living rising, I can’t even eat toast without paying an insane amount ,

As for the school, Matthew should have warned and told him that he did not agree with the fact that his children were absent from the establishment during the school year: “
Even if I knew they were going on vacation, how could I have stopped them from going to the airport? It’s ridiculous to pay £120 when I can’t control their actions
“, he protests.

The British father risks paying by 14 August or seeing his fine double: “
I am a single father struggling to survive and had two months of unemployment this year
“, she admitted.” I’ll probably be without money for three months. I can’t pay it in one installment, it will take three or four months ,

ask for help

He plans to contact the Education Welfare Service for help: I asked the school for compassion and forgiveness for my ignorance. But it’s disappointing that I haven’t received any email other than an email informing me that the fine will be retained ,

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