McNenny argued that the Supreme Court was “hiding behind the proceedings” in rejecting the Texas election claim.

McNenny argued that the Supreme Court was

This Supreme Court Judge who denied Texas White House Press Secretary Kyle McKinney said the process of overturning election results in four major states was “hidden behind the proceedings” rather than “reviewing the” facts of the case that are still standing. “Hennity“Friday.

“They have no choice but to say no,” McKennie told host Sean Hannity.

“They dodged, they hid behind the proceedings and he refused to exercise his right to enforce the constitution,” she continued. “You know, we’ve gone from state to state, through Sean, outlining similar security breaches, due process claims that were completely ignored.”

The press secretary noted that “none of the judges” of the Supreme Court had given a single vote on the facts of the case.

The Supreme Court pays for the hearing of the Trump-supported Texas case over the election results in four other situations.

“None of those judges voted on the facts of the case, which is that 174,384 ballots in Michigan are not linked to the registration number. That being the case, it is still a fact at the moment, “said McAnney.

Read the court’s order, “The state’s decision to leave Texas to file a complaint bill is overturned because it is not under Article III of the Constitution.” “Texas has not shown a judicial interest in the way other states conduct their elections. All other remaining motions have been dismissed as mutts. “

The order will not predict any other pending or future election appeal in the Supreme Court, but time is running out. The meeting of the states meets next week on December 14 for the Elect Oral Rally College Ledge exercise. And there will be a joint session of the House and Senate on January 6 to count the House of Representatives and certify President-elect Joe Biden as the winner.

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Judges Samuel Elito and Clarence Thomas said they would have heard the case – without granting other relief, without issuing a restraining order on the election process. They added that they had expressed “no vote on any other issue”.

Shortly after the court ruling, President Trump tweeted a video of his new campaign questioning the integrity of the election.

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McKinney called for a “massive increase in mail-in voting” in Georgia, including a “rejection rate of 0.3.77% against the usual 6% due to the abolition of signature verification.”

“Therefore, they did not qualify for the case. These facts are still standing and despite this election-oriented verdict, this election and its honesty have been accused. ”

Fox News’ Tyler Olson, Bill Meyers, Michael Ruiz, And Shannon Brim Contributed to this report.


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